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JUNE 1 – NOVEMBER 16, 2019


Routes for November 9th and 10th have been posted


Saturday (7:30)

Black (700 A) [3:30 and under]
Orange (700 B) [3:30 to 4:00]
Sangria (700 A) [4:00 to 4:30]
Sizzle (700 B) [4:30 and over]
Margarita (500 A) [All paces – veterans leaning on the faster]
Fog (500 B) [All paces – beginners leaning on the slower]

Saturday (7:30)

Blue (500 B) [4:30 and under]
Viridian (700 A) [4:15 and under]
Quicksilver (700 A) [4:15 and over]
Egg (500 A) [4:30 and over]

Sunday (7:30)

Limes (700 A) [4:00 and under]
Cocoa (700 A) {4:00 and over]
Pink (500 A) [All paces]

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