Welcome to the 2023 Sports Backers Marathon Training Team

This site is for registered members of the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team

June 3 – NOVEMBER 11, 2023

Training Schedules Start June 3rd and 4th

2023 MTT Team Assignments* as of 3:00pm – 5/28/23

*NEW in 2023 – Late Saturday Teams, Blue and Skittles, will be hybrid teams running both 500 & 700 routes

2023 Training Schedule (to come)

June 3rd and 4th – 500 teams – 5 miles/ 700 teams – 7 miles

2023 TRAINING MANUAL (to come)



Questions about MTT? Please email [email protected]

Switching between Saturday and Sunday running – MTT wants you to get your long training workout in each week. If you can’t make it on Saturday and need to attend, PLEASE do so.  If you have questions about which team is the right fit for you, please reach out to [email protected] or check out the Team Pace Ranges, Location Map and Routes page for more information.


Have questions about weekday runs, long runs, gear, or really anything? Ask your teammates and coaches here!


We're all a big family and families share photos! Send us your MTT photos and we'll post them!


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