26.2, 13.1, or 8k? We can help you reach the finish line!

For 23 years, Sports Backers has been preparing individuals to reach the finish line of the Allianz Partners Richmond Marathon, CarMax Richmond Half Marathon, and VCU Health Richmond 8k with the help of our training teams. Our teams provide a shared space for goal setting, camaraderie, accountability, and, of course, running. Our crew of experienced coaches will be with you throughout your journey to the finish line on November 16. The finish line is special, and the journey will be too.

Find the in-person or virtual training program that fits your needs by selecting one of the options below:

Sports Backers Marathon Training Team

Live in Richmond and looking to make new friends while you train? Our award-winning program is now in its 23rd year! You’ll find yourself not just equipped with a detailed 24-week program, but a great crew of experienced coaches and inspirational teammates as well.

Sports Backers Half Marathon Training Team

Join other Richmonders as you embark on our 14-week program. We have an incredible corps of experienced coaches, as well as dedicated SAG support for those long runs. Did we mention this might be the coolest way to meet people in RVA? Okay, so we don’t have proof, but we can guarantee you’ll end up with a few more pals than you had before.

Sports Backers 8k Training Team

They say there’s strength in numbers… and we couldn’t agree more! Spend 8 weeks in this Richmond-based program catered to runners and walkers of all abilities—you’ll quickly realize how fun (yes, FUN!) training can be and how easy it is to make new friends. So take some time for yourself, your health, and your social life and join us at one of our convenient locations. Lace ‘em up, folks—it’s time to get moving!

Virtual Marathon Training Team

Don‘t live in Richmond but need help preparing for 26.2? Our Virtual Marathon Training Team is for you! Modeled after our award-winning Richmond-based Sports Backers Marathon Training Team, you’ll find yourself not just equipped with a detailed 24-week program, but a great crew of experienced coaches to correspond with by email. One of our favorite perks? Race-day on-course support from our army of Sports Backers Marathon Training Team coaches and participants.

Virtual Half Marathon Training Team

If you're not from around these parts but want help preparing for 13.1, this program is for you! You’ll be armed with a detailed 14-week program and our team of veteran coaches to correspond with by email. You'll also get race-day on-course support from our team of coaches and participants. So let us carry you to 13.1…when you hit that final stretch at the CarMax Richmond Half Marathon, you’ll be glad you didn’t go at it alone!