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Race Organizers

Sports Backers

Sports Backers is a nationally recognized non-profit, committed to making all corners of our community more active. We achieve our mission by advocating for safe places to bike and walk, supporting youth running, celebrating triumphs at our events, and inspiring folks to live actively!

Get Involved!

There are 6,500 people annually who volunteer to make the Sports Backers organization and its events and programs the successes they are. With your support, we can make this region a more attractive and vibrant place to live where safe opportunities to walk, run, bike, swim, or workout abound and where access to these activities are available to all.



Official Race Charity

Kids Run RVA

Kids Run RVA is an initiative of Sports Backers that motivates thousands of young people across our region to run and be active on a regular basis. Sports Backers is committed to improving the health of our children by encouraging routine physical activity, which is critical to their long-term growth and well-being.

Kids Run RVA provides free training opportunities for youth of all ages, abilities and backgrounds as well as funding to support school-based run clubs and events. For schools with fewer resources, Kids Run RVA grants can additionally cover transportation and entry fees to Sports Backers’ events, which serve as celebrations of the students’ discipline and hard work.