Sign up for a Richmond Road Runners Club Pace Team

Trying to qualify for Boston or set a PR?  The Richmond Road Runners Club is proud to offer Pace Teams for the Allianz Partners Richmond Marathon and the CarMax Richmond Half Marathon. Pace Teams are offered for the following times:

Allianz Partners Richmond Marathon
3 hours 4 hours
3:10 4:15
3:25 4:30
3:30 4:45
3:35 5 hours
3:45 5:30


CarMax Richmond Half Marathon
1:30 1:50
1:35 2 hours
1:40 2:15
1:45 2:30

Join a Pace Team

There are two ways to join a Richmond Road Runners Club Pace Team for accomplishing your finish time goal:

  1. Use our online registration form. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email confirmation. Registration for Pace Teams here.
    • Allianz Partners Richmond Marathon Pace Team
    • CarMax Richmond Half Marathon Pace Team
  2. Or, visit the Richmond Road Runners Club booth at the Race Expo for details!

Have a question?

Email Pace Team coordinator Karen McCarthy.