Final Group Run
(??.?? miles)

Part (5+4-2+7-8+1-6) of 4
Leave the parking lot running towards the racing dog depot
Head towards the James River on the tennis star’s road
Turn Right before the “celestial stags” beverage shop onto a material used to make pottery
Take a Left when you reach the top of a mountain
In NYC it’s a wide way to see some famous plays, turn Right
Left on the hometown of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
When you come to a T-intersection, turn Right
Left at the southern university known for its “Kick Six” win in 2013
Left onto the street not named after Head Coach Carrie Parker…but close
Left at the Stakes where Secretariat, War Admiral, and Justified won their third crown
“It’s a good thing” to turn Right on a street similarly named for this crafty perfectionist

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