700 Routes


August 6 and 7, 2022

MTT August 6 and 7, 2022 – 700

Turn right onto Avenue of Champions     0.03 mi

Head straight onto Boulevard West –      0.14 mi

behind the Greyhound bus station

Continue slight left onto Ellen Road         0.45 mi

Turn left onto Westwood Avenue –          0.74 mi

stay on sidewalk going over ramp

Turn right onto Tomlyn Street                    1.37 mi

Turn left onto Jacque Street                      1.61 mi

Turn right onto Westmoreland Street       2.01 mi

Turn left onto Thalbro Street                      2.09 mi

Turn right onto Staples Mill Road              2.52 mi

Turn left onto Libbie Lake South Street – 2.73 mi

pay attention in this area –

many roads with similar names

SAG in Parking lot in front of

     LL Headquarters                                        2.80 mi

Turn right onto Libbie Lake West Street 3.02 mi

Turn left onto Libbie Mill West Boulevard 3.13 mi

Turn slight left onto Libbie Avenue –        3.33 mi

stay on Libbie crossing over Broad Street

Turn right onto Fitzhugh Avenue              3.77 mi

Turn left onto Morningside Drive               4.25 mi

Turn right onto Keystone Drive                  4.49 mi

Turn right onto Dustin Drive                       4.68 mi

Turn left onto Bevridge Road                     5.08 mi

Turn left onto Patterson Avenue               5.19 mi

SAG at Patterson Avenue and Pepper Avenue  5.37 mi

Turn left onto Willow Lawn Drive 6.27 mi

Turn right onto West Franklin Street 6.53 mi

Turn left onto Kent Road    7.87 mi

Turn right onto Monument Avenue 8.01 mi

SAG NORTH side of Monument just past I-195 over pass 8.16 mi

Turn left onto North Arthur Ashe Boulevard 8.84 mi

Turn right onto Robin Hood Road 9.87 mi

Turn right onto Green Parking Lot 9.99 mi

End 10.27 mi


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MapMyRun – MTT Aug 6 and 7 – 700 – https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/4543379287/

RunGo – MTT Aug 6 and 7 – 700 –  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/9NhOnpSkOO