October 31st & November 1st  – 12 miles

START at City Stadium

LEFT on Freeman

RIGHT on McCloy Street

LEFT on Douglasdale Road

RIGHT on Blanton Avenue

RIGHT on Garrett Street

LEFT on Rugby Road

LEFT on Sunset Avenue

AROUND the traffic circle and in front of the Carillon

RIGHT after the 2nd traffic circle

RIGHT on Park Drive – CAUTION! when crossing get to the far right of Park

LEFT on Shirley Lane

LEFT on Westover Road

SLIGHT LEFT on Westover Road

RIGHT on Lakeview Avenue

RIGHT on Lakeview Avenue

RIGHT on South Meadow Street

RIGHT on Powhatan Street

LEFT on Hampton Street


LEFT on Kansas Avenue

LEFT on Carter Street

RIGHT on Colorado Avenue

SAG on Colorado around Carter

RIGHT on Idlewood Avenue

RIGHT on S Cherry Street

LEFT on China Street

RIGHT on S Laurel Street

LEFT on Oregon Hill Parkway – Caution when going under the overpass-stay on sidewalk  

SLIGHT LEFT on S 2nd Street

RIGHT on Brown’s Island Way

LEFT on Tredegar Street

RIGHT at cobble stones on Brown’s Island

RIGHT on T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge

LEFT follow path around to go under 9th street

SLIGHT RIGHT on Manchester Floodwall Walk

LEFT on Hull Street

LEFT on E Cary Street

SAG around E Cary & 5th

RIGHT on S Morris Street

LEFT on Grove Avenue

LEFT on N Dooley Avenue

RIGHT on W Cary Street

LEFT on Freeman Road

END at City Stadium


TH Everyone TPot 12 –