October 19 & 20 – 14 miles

Start at City Stadium

RIGHT onto McCloy St

LEFT onto Douglasdale Rd

LEFT onto Blanton Ave

RIGHT onto Police Memorial Way (formally Trafford Rd)

LEFT onto Lakeview Ave – Across from Vita Trail    0.97 mi

RIGHT onto Lakeview Ave

LEFT onto S Addison St

RIGHT onto Grayland Ave

GO OVER the pedestrian walkway

RIGHT onto S Addison St

RIGHT onto W Main St

LEFT onto N Lombardy St    2.37 mi

RIGHT onto W Grace St

RIGHT onto N 3rd St    3.99 mi

LEFT onto E Franklin St

SAG at E Franklin & 3rd Street

RIGHT onto N 5th St — TO THE FINISH LINE!!!!

RIGHT onto Tredegar St

LEFT at cobblestones to Browns Island access

RIGHT onto the T Tyler Potterfield Bridge    4.82 mi

LEFT around curve at end and follow path under the overpasses

RIGHT onto Manchester Floodwall Walk – There will be steps!

LEFT onto Hull St    6.12 mi

CONTINUE over the Mayo Bridge onto S 14th St

After railroad tracks cross to the RIGHT sidewalk

Turn slight RIGHT stay on sidewalk following around to LaDiff

RIGHT before the three overpass supports down the stairs to the Canal Walk    6.65 mi

SLIGHT LEFT onto Canal Walk

STAY on canal walk all the way to the flood wall, DO NOT go down any other steps.

RIGHT onto Virginia Capital Trail

THROUGH the open door of the flood wall    6.84 mi

SAG at Great Shiplock Park

TURNAROUND on Virginia Capital Trail @ Conch Republic    8.20 mi

SAG at Great Shiplock Park

RIGHT onto Pear St

LEFT onto E Cary St    8.95 mi

RIGHT onto S 20th St

LEFT onto E Main St

RIGHT onto Governor Street    10.00 mi

LEFT onto Bank St

RIGHT onto N 9th St

LEFT onto E Franklin St

SAG at E Franklin & 3rd

LEFT onto N Harrison St    11.56 mi

RIGHT onto Grove Ave

LEFT onto N Dooley Ave    13.30 mi

RIGHT onto W Cary St

LEFT onto Freeman Rd

End at City Stadium


RUN GO– – Maps and Directions