We are partnering with RunSignup to give participants a groundbreaking timing solution that will provide a chip time on a USA Track & Field certified course. This means you will receive an official finish time and can even attempt to qualify for Boston!

Please see below for Timing FAQs

How will timing work?

We will be offering chip timing for all those that choose to participate on the official course starting and finishing at Dorey Park between November 7th – 22nd. You will have a timing tag on the back of your bib like normal and we will have a timing mat at the start and finish to read your chip time. In order to have an official time, you will also be required to utilize the RaceJoy app, a GPS tracking app, that we will provide for free as a part of your race registration. This will provide us the additional splits needed to validate your chip time.

How do I receive a certified chip time?

To receive a certified time participants must do the following:

  • Run on the timed and USATF certified course at Dorey Park between November 7 – 22 during the hours of 5 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
  • Complete the race with your chipped bib on your person for the entirety of the event. You can pick up your bib at Dorey Park before you start.
  • Cross the start and finish mat
  • Use RaceJoy, a live GPS tracking app, during the entirety of your race to validate your result. Participants who do not carry a smartphone and run with the app will not receive a certified chip time.

Participants who wear a chipped bib and participate with the RaceJoy app will be automatically added to the event leaderboard and will receive an official result.

What is RaceJoy and how do I use it?

RaceJoy is a GPS tracking app that will be provided as a free download as a part of your race registration. It will deliver real time performance information to you, including GPS progress alerts as you hit milestones along the course that includes pace. In addition, your family and friends will be able to download the app in order to track you live, receive progress alerts and send you cheers and words of encouragement along the way. In order to use the app, please follow these instructions.

What happens if I do not use RaceJoy?

You will still receive a time from crossing the start and finish mat but this time will not be able to be posted in our official results meaning it will not push to Athlinks nor will it allow your time to be a qualifier for any other event.

Will the results be live?

We will have unofficial results live and then at the end of each day, these results will be validated and made official.

Will the course be certified?

Yes, the course will be certified by USA Track & Field.

Is the race a Boston Qualifier?

Yes, the Richmond Marathon will remain a Boston Qualifier.

How will I receive my bib and timing chip if I am running on the official course?

We will have bib pick-up located at Dorey Park near the start/finish line on November 7 – 22. In order to be chip timed, you must pick up your bib and packet at Dorey Park, otherwise we cannot guarantee you will receive it before the end of November. The start/finish line will be at the back of the park in Event Field 1 adjacent to the Virginia Capital Trail bike art.

If I pick up at Dorey Park will I also receive my finisher items?

Yes, when you first arrive you will be assigned your bib number. You will then go out and run your race. When you return, go to the tent labeled with your race name, and your finisher items will be waiting for you. These items include your shirt, finisher medal, buff, and our famous finisher blanket.

What if I am doing my race virtually, how will I receive my participant and finisher items?

If you are not planning to run on the official course with a timing chip, you can still pick your participant and finisher items at Dorey Park on November 7 – 22. If that option does not work, we will be mailing out packets, which you will receive by at least late November.

Can I switch my race distance on-site at Dorey Park?

No, we will not be able to provide race switches on-site at Dorey Park. All race switches must be made in advance, online and can be done through October 31st, provided the race you are switching to has not reached its capacity.