700 B Route

MTT July 31 and Aug 1 – 700B


Turn right onto Avenue of Champions

Turn left onto North Arthur Ashe Boulevard                                                   0.14 mi

Turn left onto West Leigh Street                                                                    0.48 mi

Turn right onto Hermitage Road – Cross Broad Street                                  1.07 mi

Head straight onto North Meadow Street –

Hermitage becomes N Meadow after crossing Broad Street                        1.36 mi

Turn left onto West Main Street                                                                     1.96 mi

SAG at corner of W Main Street and N Belvidere Street                          2.93 mi

Turn right onto South Adams Street                                                               3.19 mi

Turn right onto West Cary Street                                                                   3.26 mi

Turn right onto South Arthur Ashe Boulevard                                                5.07 mi

SAG at N Arthur Ashe and Patterson Avenue                                          5.66 mi

Turn left onto Westmoreland Street                                                               7.23 mi

Turn right onto Grove Avenue                                                                        7.88 mi

SAG at Richardson, Overstreet, & Glazier just past Clarke Road          8.29 mi

Turn right onto Maple Avenue                                                                        9.16 mi

Turn right onto Patterson Avenue                                                                  9.75 mi

Turn left onto Willow Lawn Drive                                                                   10.32 mi

Turn right onto Wythe Avenue                                                                       10.65 mi

Turn left onto Antrim Avenue                                                                         11.59 mi

Turn right onto Fitzhugh Avenue                                                                    11.90 mi

SAG at corner of Antrim Avenue and Fitzhugh Avenue                          11.92 mi

Turn left onto Malvern Avenue – cross Broad Street                                      12.01 mi

Head straight onto Malvern becomes Westwood Avenue                             12.07 mi

Continue slight right onto Taking Exit Ramp to Stay on Westwood              12.69 mi

Head straight onto Hermitage Road – Continue

straight thru the light to take Right on Hermitage Road behind hotel           13.69 mi

Turn right onto Sherwood Avenue                                                                 13.92 mi

End                                                                                                                 14.09 mi

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