October 19 & 20 – 11 miles

Start at City Stadium

RIGHT onto McCloy St

LEFT onto Douglasdale Rd

LEFT onto Blanton Ave

RIGHT onto Police Memorial Way (formally Trafford Rd)

LEFT onto Lakeview Ave – Across from Vita Trail    0.97 mi

RIGHT onto Lakeview Ave

LEFT onto S Addison St

RIGHT onto Grayland Ave

GO OVER the pedestrian walkway

RIGHT onto S Addison St

RIGHT onto W Main St

LEFT onto N Lombardy St    2.37 mi

RIGHT onto W Grace St

RIGHT onto N 3rd St    3.99 mi

LEFT onto E Franklin St

SAG at E Franklin and 3rd

RIGHT onto N 5th St — TO THE FINISH LINE!!!!

RIGHT onto Tredegar St

LEFT at cobblestones to Browns Island access

RIGHT onto T Tyler Potterfield Bridge    4.82 mi

LEFT around curve at end and follow path under the overpasses

RIGHT onto Manchester Floodwall Walk – There will be steps

LEFT onto Hull St    6.12 mi

CONTINUE over the Mayo Bridge onto S 14th St

LEFT onto E Main St

RIGHT onto Governor Street

LEFT onto Bank St  6.94 mi

RIGHT onto N 9th St

LEFT  onto E Franklin St

SAG at E Franklin and 3rd 

LEFT onto Boyd St  8.51 mi

RIGHT onto Park Ave

LEFT onto N Harvie St

RIGHT onto Grove Ave  8.74 mi

LEFT onto S Crenshaw Ave 10.30 mi

LEFT onto W Cary St

RIGHT onto Freeman Rd

End at City Stadium


RUN GO– – Map with directions