November 9 & 10 – 6 miles

Start at City Stadium

LEFT onto W Cary St

RIGHT onto S Crenshaw Ave

RIGHT onto Grove Ave

LEFT onto Roseneath Rd

LEFT onto Patterson Ave

RIGHT onto Kent Rd

LEFT onto Wythe Ave

LEFT onto Antrim Ave

RIGHT onto Bromley Ln

LEFT onto Spokane St

LEFT onto Patterson Ave

RIGHT Wisteria Ave

SAG at Wisteria Ave & Leonard Pkwy

LEFT onto Leonard Pkwy

RIGHT Woodlawn Ave

LEFT onto Kingcrest Pkwy

RIGHT on Antrim

QUICK LEFT onto Kingcrest Pkwy

RIGHT  Malvern Ave (changes to Canterbury after Cary St)

LEFT onto Dover

RIGHT onto Portland Pl

LEFT onto Douglasdale Rd

LEFT onto Freeman Rd

End at City Stadium


RUN GO – – Map and Directions